Has there been a big change in lifestyle going from a traditional 9-5 to touring and rocking shows from city to city?

You got to understand I was rhyming and doing shows even in college. So I'd have a 8-3 or a 8-4:30 and on Friday we'd go out to Japan and I'd have to take my textbooks with me and study for my midterms come back get off the plane take a cab to a bus and the bus to campus get off and go straight to a class. It was hectic like that so it kinda trained me for now. When I was teaching it was like this weekend we do Philly, this weekend we do DC, this weekend we do New York, this weekend we do Atlanta, or this weekend we go to LA; so it was the same type of hectic style that I had in college so the whole thing was one big transition from rhyming and studying to rhyming and teaching to rhyming and raising a family to rhyming and growing old, its just a

part of your life.

Do you feel you're able to teach just as many lessons through your music as you did in the classroom?

Oh yea if not more. The thing about teaching is that every second in the classroom makes an impression whether the kids recognize it then or not. Looking back on my teachers from back in the days I realized how they've influenced me even the ones I didn't like and the ones I didn't understand what they were trying to do for me. So that's the kind of awards you get. For somebody to teach and think oh they don't understand me, they don't care or they not listening, they young they are doing what they supposed to do. If you keep doing what you're supposed to do they will keep doing what they're supposed to do. Those same kids that hate you at the end of the year when they are in the next grade