Introduce yourself, what are your rap affiliations, etc.?

Well hello there, my name is k-the-I??? To most I'm known as kiki (this is where I got my emcee name from). As for affiliations, my crews would be, NMS, TFD, Komadose, The Lost Channel, Angry Space, Avant Guard, Youth:KiiLL, and Dysfunktional Ikonz.

Which city do you rep?

I rep Cambridge Mass man, all the way, for those who don't know where Cambridge Mass is, it's the city with the best schools in the world, a.k.a. Harvard, and M.I.T.

It seems that lately you are gaining momentum as far as popularity and building your fan base goes. Tell us about your career up until this point?

Well I jumped on the scene really in 98-99 with a very weird but different sound I would say, but I've been rapping since 7th grade, 1992.

From freshman year of high school to my senior year I teamed up with a bunch of my friends from my neighborhood to make the super group known as Question, we were the Wu-Tang of mass basically. 8 humans, 7 were emcee's 1 was a producer, but basically we we're the bullies, or like my man Vyle likes to call it the cypha bullies, we were the kids that ripped everyone one in battles and all that but that stopped after high school once we noticed we needed good songs as well as being able to freestyle/battle.

In 99-2000 I dropped an EP titled "Forgotten Realm" it was an EP mainly to shop around and get some shows, so sort of like a press kit to get my name heard.